Pause. Reconnect. Refresh.

Even the smallest contribution can change lives.

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Dear Guests and Cottage Dreams Donors,

Cottage Dreams wishes to extend a very Happy New Year to all of our cottage donors. Here is hoping that 2021 brings us all the relief we all so desperately need.

As you are all aware, the COVID-19 Pandemic started at about the same time Cottage Dreams was ramping up our program, taking Guest applications and securing Cottages for those living with Cancer. Our program was closed down and we had the unenviable task of advising those applicants that we could not offer them the opportunity to “Pause, Reconnect and Refresh” at a generously donated cottage. COVID-19 put a stop to our program, unfortunately it did not put a stop to Cancer.

With  the second wave upon us and vaccinations rolling out at a much slower pace than anticipated we have decided to curtail our program for this year, planning to be back in full stride in 2022. That said, it does not mean we are shutting down the program for good. Cottage Dreams has heard too many “Thank you’s” and “What a great program this is” TO FOLD UP THE SHOP AND GO AWAY.

Later this year, once the path forward is known, we will be asking Cottage Owners their opinion as to donating their cottage, Willingness? Concerns? Questions, etc.

With your assistance, we shall also be compiling Protocol Procedures for both Guests and Cottage Owners. These procedures will be a minimum of care and any additions the Cottage owners wish to add will be added on their listing.

Cottage Dreams shall endeavor to keep you updated as the year progresses. Please note even though we are not doing placements, we are still operating and therefore are available to respond to any questions you may have. It may not be a quick response but we shall do the best we can, please have patience with us.

We also wish to remind everyone that there are still ways you can help the Program during this time. You can Sponsor a Future Guest placement, offer your Expertise as a member of the Cottage Dreams Board or just help Financially, to help families living with Cancer, to be able to take part in Cottage Dreams, Cancer Recovery Initiative.


Health Care Providers

We encourage you to tell your cancer survivor patients about our program. 

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Our Main Goals

Cottage Dreams is available to all Canadian residents of all ages and types of cancer who have completed their treatment or those in treatment with doctors approval as per the application process, and medical consent.

We help families touched by cancer reconnect and rejuvenate at a private, donated cottage.

A thorough screening process is in place for all applicants and cottage donors.

Lend your cottage to those touched by cancer today